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How to link to content from the website

The Link feature in the CKEditor is a powerful option that lets you add clickable hyperlinks to any resource available on your website such as stories, events, photo albums, custom pages, site pages, built-in pages, private documents, download files, etc.

1. To insert a link to your content, click on the  button on the toolbar or use the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut. If you want a text fragment to be linked to a certain story or event, select it by highlighting it first. If no text is selected, the link URL or e-mail address will appear in the document as-is.

2. Using the Link Type drop-down menu choose the category of the item that you wish to link from your website.
You can choose between the following sections:

  • URL: Website address or URL. Eg.
  • Custom Page: Displays all published pages available in the Custom Page Library.
  • Site Page: Displays all published pages available in the Site Page Library.
  • Built-in Page: Displays all pages already built into ClubRunner such as Contact Us page, Club Directory, Email Message Center and more.
  • Download File: Displays all the documents/files uploaded to the Home Page Download Files section.
  • Photo Album: Displays all photo albums available in the Photo Album Library.
  • Story: Displays all published stories available in the Story Library.
  • Document: Displays all the documents/files uploaded to the Private Documents section.
  • Speaker: Displays all Speakers from the Speakers section.
  • Event: Displays all current and upcoming events available in Events 2.0 and MyEventRunner.
  • Signup Lists: Displays the Club's signup lists.
  • E-mail: Lets you enter in a email address, subject (optional), and message body (optional).

3. Selecting the Link Type will then display the options available to you under that category.
For example, if you choose to link to an upcoming event, you will then see a drop down menu of all the upcoming events created on your website.

4. Click the Ok button to save the changes.

Once the content is published, the linked text fragment will display as follow:


You can update the URL at any point by following the same steps as above.


Removing a Link

Removing a link is just as easy as adding it. When the cursor is placed in a link, the  button on the toolbar becomes active. Pressing the button removes the link and leaves plain text. Alternatively you can also open the CK Editor menu by pressing the right mouse button and choose the Unlink command.




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