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Known Issues

Perfection is a process. Our developers work constantly to improve the functionality and usability of our product. We rely in large part on input from you, our customer, to identify areas of improvement.

 The following items are known issues as of October 20. 2016. We are working to solve these issues as quickly as possible.  This list will be updated as issues are addressed or added.

  • HTML Editor Compatibility: The ClubRunner HTML editor used to write and edit stories, emails and other content is not currently compatible with mobile products. We make use of an industry leading third party editing tool. That company is working to address this issue.
  • HTML Editor Anchor Tags:  An anchor tag is an HTML tag that brings a reader to another section of the same page, rather than to an internal or external page.  Anchor tags are not currently functional and should not be used in the HTML editor at this time.
  • HTML Editor and Custom Domains : Customers who currently use a custom domain to point to a ClubRunner site that is on V3 have reported errors using the HTML editor, which is used to write and edit content. Sometimes, the editor fails or load, or errors occur when editing. To fix this issue, customers must change their domain settings from domain forwarding and masking to true domain aliasing. Instructions for this process can be found here. This link will open in a new window. If ClubRunner is managing the domain on the customer's behalf, the customer should inform us of the switch so we can make the change on their behalf.
  • ClubRunner Mobile Applications: The ClubRunner iPhone and Android mobile apps are not currently supported, however we are working towards a solution.
  • Club Executive Lists: Clubs operating on v2.0 of ClubRunner cannot make executive list updates to their district site if the district has migrated to v3.0. The list changes will not appear on the district site. The only way to fix this problem is to update to ClubRunner v3.0. All clubs and districts are strongly advised to migrate to v.30, as v2.0 bug support ended on Oct. 31, 2014. 
  • Member Profiles and HTML Tags: Inserting HTML tags into a member profile field will cause errors. If you encounter an error while trying to save a member's profile, check that no fields contain HTML tags. 
  • Permalink Addresses: Clients who have generated permalink URLs with dots (for example: "club.information") in v2.0 of ClubRunner will experience link errors. We no longer support dots in v3.0 permalink URLs. To repair this issue, eliminate the dots from your permalink address. For example, you could change "club.information" to "club-information." New site pages created with v3.0 will not cause this issue. 
  • v2.0 Email Errors: Users who do not have an email address specified in their profile will experience errors when using v2.0 email features. An email is required for the "reply to" address seen by recipients.
  • Dues and Billing: Names on the Batch Main screen of Dues and Billing are only sorted by last name, instead of last name followed by first name. 
  • Image Properties Aspect Ratio: Our html editor (third-party tool) has an image properties box that lets you resize an image by changing the height and width. By default the aspect ratio is in the “locked” mode which keep the image proportions the same when either height or width is changed. However, occasionally the aspect ratio appears “unlocked” which leads to stretched images. If you notice that, please click on the lock icon to put it back in locked mode. 
  • CK Editor: The CK Editor tool used to enter content into the webpages sporadically suffers a publishing bug related to the spell check function. If spell check is turned on while editing a story the Save and Publish button may become inactive. 
  • Dues and Billing: When adding an invoice item, the list of active members displayed is sorted by their last names. Members with the same last name are listed together, but are not alphabetized further by first name. 
  • CK Editor: A multi-line text box can be expanded by clicking and dragging the right-hand corner to the desired size. When doing this in a Chrome window, it is possible to re-size the text box until it is larger than the browser borders. The text box cannot then be re-sized.
  • eDirectory Reports - export MS Word file onto a Mac / OS X computer: When exporting an MS Word document from eDirectory Reports 2.0, the Word file may not open properly on older versions of MS Office for Macintosh.  PDF documents exported from eDirectory Reports will open on a Mac.


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